Sunday, December 03, 2006

Home Cook Recipe: Curry Prawns

Most of the Malaysians like to eat curry including kids. Many of the Malaysian children like to have curry dish in their meal. This shows the difference between Malaysian Chinese and the Chinese in other countries. Curry is hard to make in traditional way. It needs so many ingredients, spices and herbs. We need to blend all the ingredients and tumis (fry slowly) the curry paste. In modern days, cooking curry is as easy as ABC...just buy a pack of curry paste in any Supermarket, and I prefer A1 Curry Paste.

First, hit the oil. Then put in onions and tomatoes. Stir fry slowly(Tumis).
Next, add in the A1 Curry Paste and water slowly.

When the curry is thick and starts boiling, put in the prawns. Cook for another 10 minutes.

A hot and spicy curry that makes your head smokes is ready to serve now. Yummy Yummy!


lucia said...

what about the aligapa curry paste? it is quite a popular name!

this is one dish i simply adore to bits. prawns is my favourites of all food and i love curry so curry prawn is definetley top on my list!!

btw, so finally you update your blog eh. was wondering what happened to you.

Ho Jiak said...

Thanks for ur support!I appreciate it very much:)

Prawns are my favourite too!!

Well, to my knowing, there's only alagappa's curry powder but not the paste. U gotta tumis urself with the blended spices. So it's easier to use A1 curry paste. And it tasted nice.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Very delicious looking indeed. Will have to try it out. Is the curry paste you use A1 Best One or just A1. There are two different kinds.

Jackson said...

wowow...yummmy!!!! tambah nasi satu!

tigerfish said...

hv tried chicken curry that uses A1 curry paste...very nice...

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