Monday, December 11, 2006

Buffet Steamboat (Opposite Sunshine Farlim) CLOSED BUSINESS

After the success story of Golden Steamboat at Nagore Road, then we have Jolly Steamboat at 8 ROWS and others ... Well, it is not easy to open a Steamboat Buffet Restaurant. Besides the freshness of the food, sincerity is also very important (in Chinese we call it heart). This Charcoal Style BBQ Steamboat (新风味火锅) is a not bad choice if you like to have a steamboat dinner. It has improved a lot compared to when it first started.

Well, I think most people will get scald while having BBQ steamboat because most of them combine BBQ and steamboat together. The owner of this restaurant separates the steamboat and BBQ tray, so you can enjoy your BBQ steamboat without any problem. The tomyam soup is also not bad.

The other specialty is you can steam your DIM SUM on top of the steamboat. It is definitely a good idea. You can try out 3 things in one place.

If you want to deep fried the food or snacks, the boss will help you. You can spend the whole night here tasting great varieties of food (seafood, chicken, mutton, beef, lots of herbs and vegetables, fish cakes, fish balls, shells ...the list goes on and on)

Location : 288c-1-5,Jalan Thean Teik,11500 Pg. (Opposite Sunshine Farlim)
Tel : 012-4283340
Charges : RM 16 (Adult) RM 7 (Children) including drinks, ice-kacang, ice-cream
Business Hours : 5pm - 11pm


lucia said...

good idea to seperate the steamboat and the BBQ tray. apart from the fear of being scalded, it also won't be 'too busy' at one place. :)

snshine farlim is way out of the way for me (i'm staying in bayan baru and working in macalister rd) so slim chance to try it unless if i happen to pass by.

i had try jolly steamboat. not bad but i prefer the one at sg dua (few doors away from pelita nasi kandar). forgot the name of the restaurant. lots of variety there include different drinks too.

Jackson said...

arrr.....i guess that place is in Penang! Too far away from me!!! It's definately an inteliggent idea to seperate out the soup n bbq + steam the dim sum on top of the steamboat!!! Next time if i happen to drop by Penang, u must b my tour guide!!

team BSG said...

Happy New Year to you and readers

nuclear said...

3 in 1 huh?cool..can taste so many things in one time..eheheh...

Jian said...

hoho I stay at farlim and yet I never even thought of going there to try....Its opened for a very long time but never bother to try (so much for being a foodie : P because I seriously thought all of em are the same...Now that u've blog about it, its going to be my next CNY gathering palce with friends...hohoho...thanx for posting....

tinaho said...

was that steamboat a 'halal' one??

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