Monday, November 20, 2006

Rambutan + Lychee + Coconut = Pulasan

The pulasan, or poolasan, Nephelium mutabile Blume (family, Sapindaceae), is closely allied to the rambutan and sometimes confused with it. One of its local names in Malaya is rambutan-kafri (negro's rambutan); another is rambutan paroh. In Malacca it is sometimes called pening-pening-ramboetan.There are numerous tribal names for this species throughout Malaysia.

Black colour = Sweet!

This fruits can seldom be seen in market.The pulasan is a little larger than the rambutan, with fewer fruit per panicle, but appearance and eating quality is very similar. The rambutan has soft spines, whereas pulasan is covered with little rubbery studs and a bit of lychee taste.

Thanks to Malaysia Best, I got to know this fruit and had been deeply in love with it! I bought the pulasan above from Batu Lanchang Market. When I went the next day to grab more of the pulasan, they were gone. To those who haven't try before, I think you've miss out something great!


lucia said...

i haven't heard of pulasan before. since i like rambutan, i might like it too. dunno if bayan baru market (my place) sells it or not.

btw, i notice you put my blog link under 'food blog'. i guess it is a mistake because my blog is sure no food blog at all!

Ho Jiak said...

oppps...sorry...changed it d..

Extreme Power said...

See peh ho liao... Good. Bagus!

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