Sunday, November 19, 2006

Golden City Famous Chinese Mee Goreng (槟城车水路金城茶餐室 )

Fried Indian Mee (Mee Goreng) are mostly Indian's strength. Opposite the previous Lai Lai Supermarket, one couple(Mr. & Mrs. Teh 郑德福夫妻) started their Mee Goreng business since 13 years back. This famous Chinese Mee Goreng are known by most of middle age people like my father / mother. Most youngsters seldom go for this kind of Traditional Coffee Shop, they will say nothing to eat in this kind of Coffee Shop because of the limited choices. But think twice, if you go to a Food Court offering many varieties but there's nothing good there, I would prefer to choose a quality food rather than quantity.
This couple learned this Special Mee Goreng skill from a famous Mee Goreng Stall in Kedah. The secret is using fresh ingredients, quick boil the noodle before frying and control the timing and fire. Without good skills and experiences, it's certainly hard to cook a delicious Mee Goreng.

Besides Mee Goreng, the Mee Rebus is also not bad. If you dislike yellow noodles , go for it's Fried Bee Hoon. It's as delicious as Mee Goreng.

Ho Jiak!!!

Operation Hours : 12:30pm - 12:30am (12 hours per day)


Rasa Malaysia said...

Looks very good...will have to add this to my Penang Hawker food guide:

Rasa Malaysia said...

Looks good, will have to add it to my Penang Hawker Food Guide,

lucia said...

i love mee goreng! so far only try mamak mee goreng. thanks for recommending this stall. think i'll try it out one day.

Ho Jiak said...

Rasa Malaysia
Yup! It certainly looks and tastes good!!

Yes, u should...i bet u won't regret it!

Tummythoz said...

This stall has totally slipped my mind. TQ for the reminder.

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