Sunday, November 26, 2006

OLD TOWN White Coffee (ICE) 3 in 1

Old Town - The Pioneer & The Largest Producer of Instant White Coffee in Malaysia.

If you like Ipoh Old Town White Coffee, you can grab a pack of Old Town Instant White Coffee in any supermarket. And now Old Town got a lot of flavour for this Instant White Coffee. Besides the Regular type, they also produced Hazelnut, ICE and etc.

Instead of going to Old Town Coffee shop, you also can enjoy a cup of White Coffee in your comfortable home, with your own taste. I just add in few scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream into my Ice White Coffee using the pretty glass. It was cool and creamy with strong aromatic of the white coffee to the senses.


Rasa Malaysia said...

How does white coffee taste actually?

tigerfish said...

Think I've tried this. Available in Singapore, right ?

Melting Wok said...

Oh god, I've not tasted such good teh tarik/coffee for the longest here in the US until I recently found this Old Town's brand that you've posted, fantastic indeed ! Cheers :)

simcooks said...

Hi, got to know you from Rasa Malaysia's blog.

I've tried this brand of coffee before in Singapore. You are right that it has a lot of flavor! Not sold in the Bay Area though. So I stick to Instant Nescafe.

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