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Homemad Pulut Pisang Recipe (Glutinous Rice with Banana)

Pulut Pisang or Pulut Dakap. 

Pulut Pisang means glutinous rice with banana, it is a famous Nyonya dessert in Malaysia. 
You can find it easily in Penang's Kuih stall.
And some people call it Pulut Dakap or Romeo & Juliet,
because it tight 2 of the Pulut Pisang together, so romantic.

Pulut Dakap

 One of the main ingredient, glutinous rice.
I used 500g of the Glutinous Rice, 
and can make about 20 pieces of Pisang Pulut.
Need to soaked about 2 hours then  then washed and drained well.
then cook with 2 cups of Santan ( Coconut Milk) 
 can also add in knotted pandan leave (optional)
cook with your normal rice cooker,
but put less water let the glutinous rice sticky texture,
don't cook like Nasi Lemak way.
Add 1 1/2 TSP (Table Spoon) of salt. 
And 3 TSP of Sugar

 'Pisang Awak' is also known in Australia as 
'Ducasse' and 'Kayinja' in Uganda
  In Thailand it is known as kluai nam wa 
(Thai:กล้วยน้ำว้า, IPA: [kluːəj nam waː]).
 This type of banana is suitable for cooking purpose.

Clean the Banana Leaf and cut in small piece,
make sure can wrap the banana refer the next photo.
Steam the banana leaf to easy wrapping.

 Cut half of the banana and wrap with the glutinous rice.

 Due to don't have the string and try to not use the Raffia String.
so just wrap it like that.

Steam it about 20 -30 minutes.

Hojiak Hojiak Hojiak and Homemade.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transfer Road Famous Roti Canai (Penang Project Station 1)

I am so lucky and appreciate that I can be one of the food bloggers in this Project Penang food hunt event.
And this is a very good experience for us 
to know more about Penang food including halal and non-halal food.
I really enjoyed this food hunt event, hope that the organiser will organise more on this kind of event.
Thanks for the sponsor - Project Penang!

Our first station which was also the place to have our breakfast is the famous Roti Canai in Penang, 
or in another word we can said the Hottest Roti Canai in Penang. 
This Roti Canai is located at the road side of Transfer Road.
Now why do we called it Transfer Road?
" Transfer Road is one of the major roads inGeorge Town, Penang. It runs from Burmah Road to Northam Road, and has a number of offshoots. Among the roads that branches off from Transfer Road are Phee Choon Road, Kedah Road, Dickens Street, Popus Lane, Dindings Road, Hutton Lane, Ariffin Road, Jalan Sekerat, Argyll Road and Sri Bahari Road.
Transfer Road was named to commemorate the transfer of the administration of the Straits Settlements from Madras to Singapore in 1867, given greater autonomy in the administration of the states. "

Not only can you enjoy the roti canani and teh tarik here, 
one can also enjoy Malaysia's culture 

"Teh tarik means the mixture is poured back and forth repeatedly between two vessels from a height, giving it a thick frothy top. This process cools the process fluid (tea) to optimal drinking temperatures, and helps to thoroughly mix the tea with the condensed milk."

Hot Hot Roti Canai in the hot pan

Curry chicken and Curry Mutton- super hot! - RM10.60

Give it a try and forever you will remember the taste.
But don't worried it still delicious HOJIAK, especially the curry mutton!

Roti Canai Kosong is RM1.30
Roti Telur RM2.40.

Roti Bakar with Sunny Egg on top - RM2.40

Best choice for breakfast and it suits all the races.

Semangat muhibbah - 
Can see people from different races enjoying their breakfast here

Taking your Hot Roti Canai and a cup of Teh Tarik at the Road Side of Transfer Road,
is just like taking a cup of coffee at the open air Cafe in Rome,
but you can only find this in Transfer Road, Penang, Malaysia.
Enjoying and Great Feel!

To be Continue Our Second Station Nasi Padang at Transfer Road!

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