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All About Sugar & Gift 團圓湯圓甜品店

This shop is located along Lorong Susu just behind Town Steamboat Restaurant(火锅之家旁).
Tang yuan dessert restaurant seldom appears in Penang. 
This shop did a good job and has already open for about 2 years. 
If you have not visited this restaurant, do give them a chance and sure they will not disappoint you.

The red colour design makes you feel welcomed
 Chef Chen Hong who comes to Penang also pay a visit to this shop.
And he gave a very good comment about the Glutinous Rice Ball (Tang Yuan)

Lotus Seed Tau Sar Tang Yuan - RM2.50
This is something special for Glutinous Rice Ball (Tang Yuan) 
It's wrapped with Shredded Coconut(椰丝)
There are two colours, one is stuffed with lotus seed 
whereas the other is stuffed with black sesame.
They are served warm and is best eaten in one bite  
 You will feel the tantalizing aroma in your mouth - great experience
*** Hojiak ***

Longan Glutinous Rice Soup Tang Yuan - RM6.00
This is an authentic Longan Glutinous Rice (龙眼黑糯米)dessert
the creativity of this dessert is they replace the coconut milk with cold vanila ice-cream
plus some small chewy Tang Yuan
You will feel amazed with this combination

Tuan Yuan Special - RM6.90 
(5 Choices of Tang Yuan)
                                                     - Peanut  Tang Yuan       *** MUST TRY 
                                                     - Cheese Tang Yuan       *** Cheese Lover 
                                                     - Chocolate Tang Yuan   *** Surprise 
                                                     - Durian                           *** Superb
                                                     - Sesame                        *** Fragrant
                                                   * there are many other choices in the menu*
                                              There are three choices of the soup base for the customers 
        - Milk, Brown Sugar, White Sugar -
            All the three flavours are cooked with lots of ginger, 
         and the aroma of ginger is best matched with Tang Yuan 

Chinese Wine Salted Chicken Rice Set - RM10.90
Very huge portion and delicious.
The best word to describe it is HOJIAK.

Photo with the owners of All About Sugar & Gift .
-great dining experience with a warm hospitality from the owners- 

Craving a yummy dessert to cool you off? 
BUY 1 FREE 1 freshly prepared Tang Yuan(Up to 14 Choices) 
for only RM4.20 at 
★All About Sugar & Gift★
2 bowl of HOJIAK 
Glutinous Rice Ball (Tang Yuan)= RM8.40 
Ezivoucher = RM4.20   50% discount

All About Sugar & Gift
No.11 Lorong Susu,
10400 Penang
Tel : 012 5320353
Business Hour : 11.30am – 10pm (Closed on Wednesday)

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