Thursday, July 07, 2011

Simple Delicious HomeCooked (Petai,Fish Head Soup,Fried Spinach)

Petai and Prawns With Own Created Sauce 

Ingredient A:
Half a packet of petai
small prawns - add as many as you like

Ingredient B:
red chilli , onion, garlic, ginger (slice all)

Ingredient C:
Osyter sauce
Tomoto sauce
Lea & Perrin sauce

Stir fry ingredients B till fragrant
Next, dump in petai and prawns and fry till cooked
Finally, pour in ingredient C to taste
Simple and Delicious!:)

Red Snapper Fish Head Clear Soup

Ingredient A:
One red snapper fish head

Ingredient B:
Soya Sauce
Pinch of salt

Ingredient C:
 Slices of Ginger
Pepper seed

First, marinate the fish head with Ingredient B for 1/2 an hour
Next, deep fry the fish head
After frying, plunk the fish head into a pot of boiling water
Throw in Ingredient C
Cook till fragrant (salt to taste)
Finally, touch up with parsley, celery, and onion stalk for better aroma
Another simple yet mouth watering dish:)

Fried Spinach (Bayam)

Spinach (Bayam)
Chopped Garlic
Slices of Ginger
Dash of salt

Method :
 Heat up oil, saute garlic, ginger and anchovies till fragrant.
 Add in Spinach and close the wok cover about 3 minutes.
 Remove wok cover and stir well.
 Add in a dash of salt and stir well.
 Dish up & serve.

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