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Santorini Cafe 爱琴海

Santorini Cafe
A good choice for lunch and dinner.
*** Vege Corner provided ***
A place where you can dine in with your vegetarian friends.
Full range of choices to pamper your stomach
 i.e Chinese cuisine, Western corner, Thai style, Noodles, Rice etc... 

Santorini Cafe
A cafe which opens up your heart and taste buds 

Love and Romance feel of the exterior at Santorini Cafe

Comfortable and Relaxing ambience.
Tatami dining located at the back of the cafe.

Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop - RM10.90nett
*** Add on RM5.00 to get a bowl of mushroom soup, a drink and dessert ***

Home-made Mushroom Soup
Creamy and full of mushroom fragrant

Coffee Dance
A huge glass of the Ipoh Coffee
*** Recommended to try ***

Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop
The chef is very good in grilling - tender, juicy and flavourful.
Served with baked potato and salad
Salad is really fresh and crunchy.
  Home-made Sauce - sweet and sour and it's a good match with grilled meat.

Butterine Fish Chop -RM13.90
Grilled fish served with the very good home-made Tartar Sauce

Dessert Jelly
After the satisfying dinner, it is good to end with this cold dessert jelly.

Kampar Yue Wat Soup RM 5.90
( Pound of 3 types of fish flesh)
They come fresh and smooth,served with the hot fragrant wine soup
Hojiak *** Must Try *** Hojiak 

Santorini Potato Salad (RM5.00)
Very famous appetiser in Santorini Cafe

Overall, this is a very good dining experience and will definitely come back for more! 
Reasonable price-no service and government tax 

Revisit Santorini

Santorini Butterine - RM7.90
The taste of the mantis prawn was very nice and delicious. 
The kong poh sauce was a bit spicy, sweet and sour which made the dish more appetizing.

Santorini OH! Mama – RM8.90, 
This dish really tasted like mummy’s home cooking dish. 
The taste of this dish was very nice, as the dark sauce was very thick and delicious. 
Very nice serve with white rice.

 Hot LemonTea

Coffee Chicken Chop – RM13.90,
The aroma of the coffee was very strong which made this signature dish very unique. 
CRISPY + Aroma of Coffee + Juicy Chicken Meat
Highly recommended, MUST TRY

Santorini Drunken Mee Suah - RM6.90

Simple and delicious, good for those who cannot take hot and spicy food.
My wife order this dish because she not feeling well.
The mee suah was cooked in starchy soup. 
The soup consists of the fish fillet (Yue Wat)

 Thirst Quencher
Refreshing Ice Fruit Tea 

Signature Beverage Coffee Dance

Mushroom House

Featuring the Mushroom House – an unique combination of local and Western flavors; the “roti benggali” – a white bread with thick brown crust and the inside as fluffy as cotton. Eat it by dipping it in creamy mushroom soup. 

Vege Corner

 Vegetarian Fried Rice

Vegetarian Aglio Olio

  Sicilian Chicken Chop-  RM11.90
 The Chef is very good in meat grilling!

Santorini Cafe (Beside Chew Thean Yang Aquarium, same row with Tune Hotel)
94 Burmah Road
10050 Georgetown, Penang
04-2292776 / 016-4416039 (Mandy - very friendly lady boss)
Business Hour : 11am-3pm  / 5pm-10:30pm (Close on Monday)

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