Monday, August 25, 2008

Ai Yu Bing ( 爱玉冰 - 噢桥 )

Ohqio ( 噢桥) or Ai Yu Bing (爱玉冰 ) is a tasty healty natural jelly. It's a famous dessert from Taiwan. But one can hardly get it from Penang food stall. Ai Yu is a kind of fig and its scientific name is Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang, a member of the fig family. The plant is sometimes grown in close proximity to Betel nut palms thus providing a tall trunk, which the fig uses as a support to climb.

The only stall that sells Ai Yu Bing in Penang.
But sometimes you can get it from Pasar Malam.

Afternoon : Opposite Chew Jetty together with Curry Mee and Laksa stall.
Night : Along the Chulia Street with the famous Wan Tan Mee and Curry Mee

The pure Ai Yu in the pail.

Perfect match with lemon and lychee.

Plus cold ice-blended and Ai Yu ........... HOJIAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

A refreshing dessert that keeps the fever away.


JENCOOKS said...

Oh yes, I have bought this newly discovered jelly in a packet. Actually not cheap and they market it as a health product. Supposed to clean your guts...but taste wise not bad but I have not touched it yet.

Ho Jiak said...

hi jencooks,
thanks for your information:)
plz update if u've try it. waiting to hear from u soon...arigatoo gozaimasu:)

Angelstar said... nice!! I also want to find this in Penang!!:)

Cherry said...

Hey, waited for your new blog quite sometime ... finally see your posting now.

Cherry said...

Hi, you long time never update the blog. Finally see your latest posting :)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

I heard about it before from my friend. Now i hv the chance to look at it =) LOLx. Muz go dig out next time

Faye fly said...


Ho Jiak said...

yeah...u must check it out:)

thanks for your support...been quite busy nowadays:)

yes...go and have a try...very refreshing and cooling:)

faye fly,
yes...totally agree with u:)

dolphin said...

I like this "Ai Yu Bing" but i have been long time dint eat it...I`ll find some day go to eat...when the day very hot go to eat "Ai Yu Bing" feel very very nice ooo.....^^

bigfish_chin said...

Oh ya! Ai Yu Bing! I really love to have it. I used to have it in Sabah when i was in Primary School. Every day after school, me and my school mates will climb up to a small little dessert track and wait for the uncle to serve us a big cup of Ai Yu Bing. I can still remember how it tasted like! But since that, Ai Yu Bing never appear in my life again :(...
I want to look for it when i go to Penang!

FOODnTRAVELla said...

Never heard of this dessert before. Will try it when I'm back to Penang. Thanks for sharing.

super dragon flame said...

it is taste.....but i don't know where is it......

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