Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Penang Street hawker Food - Cafe 1997

1997 Kopitiam (Paya Terubong)

Nasi Lemak (Rice Cooked In Coconut milk) also known as National Dish of Malaysia. I like this Nasi Lemak very much because of the rich coconut milk taste together with the spicy curry gravy, it's heavenly! But this stall's operation time is a bit odd, it starts at 2pm (already finish my lunch time) to 7pm (dinner time). Usually I can only enjoy this Nasi Lemak during holiday.

RM 5 SharkFin Soup with lots of crab meats. (at night)

Crispy Roti Babi just RM 3 ( same stall as Sharkfin soup)

Chicken Congee (Kai Chok) side order with the Steam Chicken Thigh, its tender enough!

Deep Fried Noodle (Shan Mee)

A not bad Wan Tan Mee!


Rasa Malaysia said...

The shark's fin soup and nasi lemak look soooo good...

Ho Jiak said...

Rasa Malaysia :
While you back to Penang , you should try out!

labbit said...

There is a mee jawa which is totally PHUAHH (nearby there)! Recommend you ask for more spicy, if you can eat spicy food. Will let you know the kopitiam's name, forgotten.

The wan tan mee at 1997 is not reach my standard, which I rated boh ho jiak!

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