Sunday, October 01, 2006

Homecook Fried Noodle (Hokkien Char)

I was out of idea where to eat last week so I decided to do some cooking. I cooked two types of Hokkien Char - Veggie Hokkien Char and Seafood Hokkien Char. After getting all the things I needed from the market, I went back home and started my mission.

First, I prepared the Veggie Hokkien Char as my gf's mum is a vegetarian. According to her mum, the taste was fantastic!:P
Vegetarian Hokkien Char with lettuce, mushroom, veggie meatball and veggie mutton.

Up next, I cooked the Seafood Hokkien Char where I dumped in all the fishballs and prawns.

Not enough of the fishballs and prawns, I dumped in more!

Next, I put in lettuce, mushrooms and oyster sauce.

Then, came the yellow noodles.

Mixed and stir well.

Finally, I came up with a few plates of this Seafood Hokkien Char. Mission accomplished:P
According to those who ate the Hookien Char, I was told it was even better than some hawker stalls out there. Ehem...Ehem...I felt the same too! Hahaha


nuclear said...

wow...u cook!!eheh..dat hokkien char looks delicious.. =)

Ho Jiak said...

Hokien people of course know how to cook Hokkien Char lah...and will taste very very nice! hahaha. Thanks anyway:)

CoyoteIrene said...

Wow.. seems like very delicious lah.. When u wana cook for me?? hehhe...

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, your hokkien char looks very delicious. Did you make sambal belacan? I will have to try cooking this at home.

Ho Jiak said...

Hehehe...when u're in Pg loh;P

Rasa Malaysia,
Nope, I didn't make sambal belacan...I had it with cili padi instead. The original taste is better. By the way, u're in US right? Got sell yellow noodle over there?

nuclear said...

eik...but...but..i dunno how to cook hokkien char =P

Anonymous said...

Hi Ho Jiak:

Im new to food blogging...ur food posts are great...I have added ur blog into my 'fabulous food blog links'....miss all those yummy yummy penang food!!!...make me drool over my laptop....oooopppppssss....:p

pororo said...

Perhaps the White prawn will make your dish better.

Anonymous said...

you only added oyster sauce?

Ho Jiak said...

Beside Oyster Sauce also can put some soya sauce.

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