Sunday, September 24, 2006

Penang Street Hawker Food (Tong Hai An) 东海岸

Penang Island is famous fot its Street Hawker food. Many of the visitors come to Penang because of the Sreet Hawker food, unlike having your coffee at the open space coffee house. At Penang you enjoy various type of tasty food in this type of open space hawker centre. This type of hawker centre will start crowded when the sun is about to set. Many of them enjoy their dinner here and also watching TV.

If you stay at Air Itam area, I'm sure you're familiar with this (Tong Hai An) 东海岸 kopitiam. It is famous for its grilled fish (Ikan Bakar) especially the killer of Steve Irwin (Sting Ray). The fish is full of fat(lemak), juicy and is eaten with special chilly sauce with all the small onion (we called it Lam Cheok in Hokkien). It's perfectly delicious.
Grilled Fish In Bananas Leave

Fried Oyster is also a famous food in Penang. It is hard to find Penang Fried Oyster(Oh Jian) in other states. Although this stall is not the best in Penang, but it also serves a good Fried Oyster (Oh Jian).
Fried Oyster

The Yong Tau Hu is also a favourite for the Office ladies/guys working in this area. They like to come here for their lunch. The Yong Tau Hu stall starts business from afternoon until night. It will separate the deep fried stuff and those fish ball. So you can taste the crispy deep fried beancurd skin ....(crunchy). Remember to order its prawn dumpling, very fresh and juicy prawn inside the dumpling, it is good to try out.

Fresh and juicy prawn dumpling...really good!

Crispy deep fried beancurd skin and fish cake. Crash.... Crash


toniXe said...

the prawn dumpling lau nua lah !

nuclear said...

i love IKAN BAKAR~~!!!eheh..

nuclear said...

i love IKAN BAKAR~~!!!eheh..

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