Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Most Treasurable Fruit (for me).....LYCHEES:)))

Well, this fruit is a must for me every year. I just love eating lychees soooo much.
Lychees is one of the fruit that comes in season. Somehow, lychees could be sour or sweet. I guess it depends on your luck. Usually I will only buy the lychees when the season is about to end, it gets sweeter and cheaper;)
The best lychees I've ever tried so far is from Macallum Market and that was three years ago. I could never forget the taste. The Lycheee King were so huge and juicy and they were very,
very, very sweet...Yes, i mean really sweet!!!
There's only one year where I missed out eating lychees due to a very high fever and that was sooo torturing:((( By the time I recover, it was the end of the season already *sigh*
Anyway the picture I took above is from Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket...not that juicy and sweet though. Still, it's good enough for me:)


toniXe said...


glad 2 know u r fr Penang

Lu bo suka amotang meh

seriously, i still have one question unanswered, c if u can help me

assam laksa air itam one or d balik pulau one better?

c u ! & tks

Ho Jiak said...

both also not bad, but Balik Pulau

Ho Jiak said...

hi tonixe
glad to meet u too
well, both also not bad but there're a few stalls of laksa in Balik Pulau. The two most popular one are near the market. It depends on one's own liking. But of course my favourite would be the laksa stall from Lorong Perak (Jin Zi Kopitiam-translated as Today Coffeeshop). It's opposite a Buddhist Temple.

hellfried said...

tried the laksa in lorong selamat? it is a stall on the roadside. it is directly opposite to the kopitiam with the famous ice kacang. if you order the big one, you will get a whole tuna fish in it.

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