Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chicken Cordon Blue

Chicken Cordon Blue is one of my favourite, the chicken is rolled around with ham, cheese and the sincerity of the chef. Not every Western Food Stall or restaurant got this dish, it needs time to deep fry. The cheese will melt after deep frying and I like the melted cheese streaming out from the chicken. Yummy.... Yummy...
A delicious Creamy Mushroom Soup (Home Cook) is a perfect match with this set of Chicken Cordon Blue.
We also tried the Mexico Grilled Fish, the fish is grilled with special sauce, cheesy .... sour .... with the freshness of the fish itself. All the above food are from 大陆Restaurant at Farlim Business Centre.
But the Chicken Cordon Blue that I like the most is from Chef's Delights, Pulau Tikus
Highly recommended. Try this Chicken Cordon Blue at Chef's Delights, Pulau Tikus.
It makes me feel happy after enjoying this dish.

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