Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kuchi Japanese Restaurant @ New World Park

Kuchi Japanese Restaurant invited a few bloggers to review their food.
I am so glad to be one of them.

Although it has just open few months ago,
 it has already become a popular Japanese Restaurant.
It is good to hold birthday party or gathering event here.

Japanese Feeling Tatami Seat + Delicious Japanese Cuisine
Full of Japanese feel, you will wonder if you are in Penang.

Mr.Alex Soon one of the boss of this restaurant.
He has very good knowledge about fresh seafood, 
due to his family doing fishing business.
Most of the fresh seafood of this restaurant is from his own fishing boat.
So the speciality of this restaurant is they have very fresh seafood to serve you 
the Penang local fresh Octopus and Cold Fresh Crab.
Local fresh Octopus

Kaki Guratan (Baked Cheese Fresh Oyster) RM18

As the Penang Oyster is a bit small,
The owner choose the fresh oyster from Thailand, that is nearest to Penang.
So it is fresher than other imported oyster, really juicy and perfect match with the baked cheese.
*** HOJIAK ***

Special Maki RM11 (Sushi)
Looks good and is delicious enough, 
and the sushi rice has a firm texture, is plump, moist and sticky.

Name Ika Teriyaki/ Shioyaki RM25/ RM22
Well done for this teriyaki octopus, 
it's really tender enough,
best match with the sweet teriyaki sauce 

Special Ramen RM15
It is a big bowl of sweet and spicy ramen.
It tasted almost the same as the Yataimura's Gekikara Ramen.
the soupbase is extract from chicken broth and lots of vegetables. 
Hojiak + Healthy 

Ginmutsu Teppan Yaki RM26 
Soft and smooth quality cod fish served with ownmade Kimchi.
Fried Cod Fish + Kimchi = Perfect Couple 

Somen Chanpuru RM13
This is called Japanese Mee Sua, but is different with the ordinary Mee Sua,
it is springy and tasty fried with mix vegetable

Saikoro Steak RM24 
It looks good, but did not try it, because I have already stop eating beef.

October Promotion RM9.90 Set Lunch

The Set Lunch come with Rice, Miso Soup,Salad and Fruit.

102-A-5, New World Park, Burmah Road,10500 Penang
N5 25.212 E100 19.638


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