Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Black Glutinous Rice Porridge Recipes

What is this?

Some people call it black sticky rice, black glutinous rice or sweet rice.
Chinese call it  黑糯米又叫作紫糯米或紫米.

How to cook Black Glutinous Rice Porridge (dessert)

1. Wash and clean the Black Glutinous Rice.
2. Soak the Black Glutinous Rice into the water about 2 hour.
3. Boil a pot of water together with Black Glutinous Rice, using medium heat about half an hour.
4. Put in pandan leave, dried longan and lotus seed, using small heat to cook for 2 hours. 
5. Optional using slow cooker will much more easier.
Slow Cooker

6. Coconut Milk diluted with bit of salt water.
7. Served with the coconut milk or Vanila Ice-Cream

An exotic dessert, simple and easy to make.


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