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CNY Dish Recipe :賽螃蟹(Choy Pong Hai)

賽螃蟹(Choy Pong Hai) is a famous chinese dish that uses egg white to make it looks and tastes like crab meat, but we seldom heard it in Malaysia. There's a legend where one day the Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi wanted to eat crabs suddenly. They were far from the ocean, so there were no supply of crabs. An idea then came in. The chef used the egg white to produced a fake but alike and tasty crab meat. It was well loved by the Empress Dowager Cixi. This Shanghai-style dish was then spread and developed in China. If you are TVB fans and watched the 风凰四重奏 acted by Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma, you should know this dish.

The main ingredients for this dish are eggs and fish meat.

You need to prepare 5 to 6 egg white depending on the eggs' size.
First, beat the egg white till fluffy.

To make it easier and cleaner, I used a pack of vegetarian fish meat instead of using the real fish meat.

Boil 2 salted egg york and mash it together with the fish meat.

Next, fast boil the broccoli for decoration purpose.

After preparing all the ingredients, heat up the oil (you need quite a lot of it). Then, pour in the egg white and stir it fast and even. After that, add in the mashed fish meat.
Cook for just one minute and it's ready to serve.

Tell you what, this 'Choy Pong Hai' tastes really really good and very similar to the real crab. Just imagine , by using only vegetarian fish meat, the taste was already superb. I guess it must have tasted even better using the real fish. Give this dish a try in this prosperity Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai :)


Tummythoz said...

U made it sounds like an ecpc dish to make. Hope mine will turn out as good as yours! *cross all limbs available including those not on my body!*

Rasa Malaysia said...

All your pictures are missing/don't show up...please check.

Ho Jiak said...


well, hope it turns out well for u...i assure you, u wont regret it:)

Ho Jiak said...


Thanks for informing. I've no idea what happened too. Well, I've upload again all the pictures.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Looks yummy! Must try recipe.
Nice blog. :-)

Melting Wok said...

hey hojiak, looks very hojiak, perhaps can use immitation crab meat aka surimi for this dish too ya ?
Btw, wishing you a prosperous, fruitful CNY, cheers !:))

Ho Jiak said...

lyrical lemongrass,
Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year and may u have a great year ahead!:)

Melting Wok,
yeah, u can try that.
Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai and may u have a great great year ahead:)

Jackson said...

looks like a dish from big restaurant!!! Ho Jiak!!

Ho Jiak said...

thanks a lot for ur compliment!! :)
gong xi fa cai!!

Jackson said...

waiting for yr next review!!

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wah, now that I see your picture, this is very creative...and looks like real crab.

Timothy said...

Very nice stuffs !

This is my first visit to your site.. very cool. And you actually provide recipes.. that's very good. Anyway .. keep it up ....

Ho Jiak said...

thanks for waiting...coming up soon...kinda busy with work

rasa malaysia,
thanks a lot.
give it a try, u won't regret it!:)

u're so nice...thanks! do come and visit often ya:)

Juandy said...

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Joe said...

Wow, looks very ho jiak. I am going to try it this weekend.

I found your site while looking for recipe to cook crab. I got a live crab in my sink from London Chinatown, any tips?

eryniys said...

Can i change the salted egg with other ingredients??

Ho Jiak said...

u can cook without Salted eggs. Just the colour not so nice.

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