Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tong Hoi Seafood Restaurant

I had my lunch today at Tong Hoi Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is actually inside the Lone Pine Country Club. Well, they serve lunch with a very attractive price. You get to choose selected dishes for only prices ranging from RM3.80 or RM4.80 each. Considered super cheap with the air-conditioned room and fantastic services from the waiters and waitresses. They will always make sure that your drink is full with a polite manner just like the Hotel Restaurant.
We ordered Crispy Sweet Sour Fish, Omelette, Sambal Fried Kangkung and Claypot Curry Beancurd. The food were quite good, not excellent though. It's very much worth a try!

Claypot Curry Beancurd. The beancurd were stuffed with meatball inside (very much like Yong Tau Foo). Compared to those just using boilled beancurd with meat, the cheff deep fried the meatball first before stuffed it into the beancurd. So one can fill their mouth with the juicy meat of this curry beancurd. Only RM4.80 for this dish. Worth it!

Crispy Sweet Sour Fish. Considered very good to my liking. The taste was just nice for me and the fish were just crispy enough:) Also only RM4.80 for this dish. Cheap leh?:P

Just a simple Omelette. Got to finish up this dish fast as we were in air-conditioned room. Omelette won't taste nice when it gets cold. Costed RM3.80.

This Kangkung tasted very nice. Highly recommended. Costed RM3.80 as well.

So, both of us had our stomach very full for our lunch;) Yeah...two people eating four dishes...pandai eat hor?
We ended up paying RM24.26 for this meal.
So what are the rest of the money for?
Here it goes...
RM1.60 for the rice (RM0.80 for each person, unlimited flow of rice)
RM 2.00 for the jasmine tea we ordered
RM1.50 for a plate of nuts
RM0.80 for two towels
And of course 5% Govt. tax=RM1.16.
Add up altogether=RM24.26.
Hmmm...super duper cheap considering the environment and the services we got. All in all, it's worth a try! Do remember...this promotion is only for lunch hour.The menu changes every month.

Block 5, Lebuh Rambai 14, Taman Lone Pine, Paya Terubong, 11060 Penang.
Tel/Fax: 04-8290308

Note: They also provide Eight Course Dinner.


Shea Speare said...


Penang kia really all banyak makan until really post food up.

Ho Jiak said...

shea speare
yeah...Penang kia always eat, eat and eat!:)

boo_licious said...

Didn't know Lone Pine had any other place to eat besides their cafe. Prices look reasonable. I guess Penang must have been crowded with people during the long wkend.

yuri said...

yesterday i and my family had our dinner at Tong Hoi Seafood , we ordered a 8 courses dinner @ RM378nt , the food are nice but 1 of the waitres ( the tomboy )service is very bad , no smiling face , serve the dish also very rude , like rush us to finish faster . We reached there @ 8:15pm than they straight away serve the dish to us , we finish and leave the place at 10:15pm , i think 10:15pm not very late , is a normal time but this tomboy waitres served us our last dish is a desert , she scoop us the desert , after finish scooping the desert but we not even start having it , she ask us to settle the bill , not even wait for us to finish it . Very bad service .

Anonymous said...

I went there couple days ago, the food and service are GOOD. Great value for money!

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