Monday, September 11, 2006

Flame SteamBoat Near Gurney Drive

Hong Kong actor Mark Cheng Hou Lam is the owner of FLAME RESTAURANT in Penang. You would not see him in here, but a very huge potrait of him is in the restaurant.Most of the people will like to try out the restaurant that was opened by famous actor. It provides a brand new dining concept serving you traditional hotpot cuisines from around the world such as countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Japan, SzeChuan-China and Taiwan. You can try out several styles of steamboat in here. A Penang Kia(local) like us would prefer having steamboat with clear soup or Tom Yam soup. But some occasion we might have something different and more comfortable. Celebrating birthday with friends should choose a restaurant that is air-conditioned with friendly waitress. A good servicing is a must for the restaurant especially if the food was already not so good(boh ho jiak).
Nowadays Flame Restaurant is not so crowded as was before, even weekends also a few tables of customers only. But it is good for us, the place had less noise so we can enjoyed the dinner, chit chatting. Even the waiter responded faster.
The Supreme Set that we ordered include Pomfret, Taiwan Sausage, Japanese Beancurd, Fish Maw, Crab Claw, Spinach Noodle, Prawn, Meatball, Abalone Mushroom, Sotong, Fuchook, Flame Fish Paste, Frog, Yam, Vegetables, Fish Ball, Minced Chicken Paste, Pork Fillet, Golden Mushroom and Flame Fish Noodle. It costed RM 98++. It was just nice for five pax.

The extra dish that we ordered, Crispy Crystal Prawn that costed RM12++. It is good to finish it before your steamboat starts. And it is more delicious than prawn cracker! It is recommended to try out.

Popeye the Sailorman POO! POO! The vegetable that popeye like the most. We are not popeye so we did not eat spinach but we ate spinach noodle instead! The spinach noodle is healthier than yellow noodle and it tastes nicer (Q Q). The waiter told us not to cook the spinach noodle for too long, just a quick dip will do.

We had two type of soup for our steamboat. They are Porridge and Szechuan soup. Szechuan special soup base was actually derived from a combination of recipe taken from Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Szechuan, China. Specially brewed from 10 different kinds of herbs and spices, this flavour is mainly sour, tingling, spicy and piquant. Suitable for those who loves hot and spicy food but out of the five of us, there's only one who can stand the special taste!

We chose porridge and we did not regret it as it was a smart decision. A simple porridge can really be brilliant when it is combined with steamboat. Really mouth watering and simply perfect!

20 Jalan Bagan Jermal
Georgetown, Penang
(04) 226 8422

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