Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sushi King Salmon Fiesta

If you want to dine in a Japanese restaurant on 3pm in the afternoon, and do not want to go to shopping mall, I think the only choice is Sushi King in E-Gate. If you know any Japanese restaurant in the island still open in this time, please inform me, so next time I know where to go. :)

Be a Sushi King member just add in another RM20, and can get instant 10% discount on the bill, and RM20 voucher and a container and 2011 calendar and a member card.
Consider worth to pay.

Salmon Fiesta .....
Fresh raw salmon ..... deep friend salmon....... smoke salmon....

Special Salmon Rice Burger
2 pieces of hot and warm rice patty
with the golden deep fried salmon and mayo
so blissful....真幸福.....begitu bahagia
Just RM7.90 only

Salmon Toro Piri Piri Don
Hot steamed rice serve with salmon belly with mayo
the salmon belly..... Really Lemaknya

Sushi Salmon Ship
Salmon fish cake with mayo,taste like sausage

Salmon Skin Maki
Sushi with sesame seed 1st time try...
Really Yummy... Hojiak...


Lulu said...

the sushi salmon ship looks exactly sausages!

Tinie Tempura said...

I see you have a photograph of me on your website already! I am becoming quite famous now! Maybe you'd like to be my best friend now, since I will let you have the photograph for free?

Lots of love,


Audiofive said...


Ezi Queen said...

you what also ho ciak, nothing is bo ho ciak . hahahaaa

applefish said...

here I come, 1st time came into your blog, I guess, because I'm suing Applefish all the while and nvr seen your layout.

Nice to meet you, kt!

Ho Jiak said...

Ezi Queen,
mine all also hojiak coz boh-hojiak one will not appear in my blog mah:)

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